Of course, ginger jasmine just say half of the remaining half of the.


  She often went to play before the Huo family, met Mr. Fok, cold love with the island when Huo also once heard him say something in that information, she also had some understanding of some simple Haugh.
  Mrs Fok Fok really love, but he is also a thoroughly businessman, now everyone thought Khodorkovsky’s successor is definitely Mrs. HallZhou Lin Huo born, this is the typical female thinking, thinking that a man loves a woman, will bring his career to a child born to this woman, but if this man really as simple as that, he was able to do to deserve this responsibility?Fok Huo Father can be more than a son, and why it would Khodorkovsky to him, because he believed he.
  Ginger jasmine ask is that she also is the self-interest with the interests of the family is extremely important to see, let alone perennial Haugh in the centers of power, so she felt that the final choice of successor Fok definitely be able to abide the important task people.
  Haugh previously busy with work, may also ignore the cold Huo island’s growth, but it is cold when she and Huo island together, but no less Fok Fok Island to cold call, he was the son of very great importance, however, it is more realistic, because he saw the cold Huo Island capabilities with talent, why we pay so much attention.If the cold Huo Island mediocre, then, he will continue to ignore him.
  This, Huo Island cold is clear enough.
  Jiang Huo island with jasmine cold after all be together, for him to know that people are still very.
  Because Mrs Fok Huo with neglect, we have only seen the boat Lin Huo good, under the subtle, do not know how to Huo island cold, but cold Huo Island is a very low-key person, so he created the current situation – almost everyone thought that Khodorkovsky will be Lin Huo boat.
  However, ginge广州桑拿网r jasmine nor how to get along with Huo Zhou Lin, as well as for the ability of people do not understand this character, so now she did not dare hastily to conclusions, and this is the main reason she did not stop with the big cousin aunt.
  After all, if Lin Huo Huo Island boat with the ability to quite cold, Lin Huo boat is mostly a chance of winning.
  Ginger Rose apparently deep in thought, after which recovered and so on, said: “I have no hurry engaged to get married, Mom, you can not reveal the slightest outside things for my anxious look.”
  Great aunt soon come to understand, immediately said: “I know you just how much ah now, after just twenty-three birthday, mom you want to stay at home a few years it had had leisure time.”She looked a ginger jasmine, smiled,” although you are also married in this circle, will certainly be better than our family married into the family, after all, you can give when the wife is not the same, or at home when her daughter the most relaxed.”
  She is the daughter of giving when, but it put a big truth.
  Who is not it.
  Ginger with ginger jasmine rose as one, all laughed.
  Such as ginger jasmine back to his room, a big bed, sighed again.
  In fact, she has been a long time did not think the cold Huo island, abroad too happy, very full day, not to mention she was also obsessed with all flapping in his face, suddenly I saw this rather abruptly, but also alone so long , ginger jasmine holding face, she found more handsome cold Huo Island!
  No, no!
  They found that he was close to being a face to his confusion, she quickly patted his face, trying to get himself sober.
  Ginger jasmine feel empty window is too long, too long did not go out with people, and not too long to fall in love!So, when his predecessor, will be a little awkward mind, but that’s okay, she can change the status quo.
  She took out the phone, turn on micro-channel interface, rolled.
  These days she is too busy, some messages did not spare some time back, she rummaged in a circle, recalled the color value of the sent message to her people, respectively, after scoring the heart, back to the current maximum value the message: “these days I have busy dizzy, have thought it back from you.”
  Almost seconds back to the other end: “All right all right, you have time today, go eat a meal of it?”
  Jasmine Jiang did not immediately return a message, and so came back after almost ten minutes: “Yes?”

  Nguyen rain instantly thought of the small uncle say what it means, she burst red little face, a pair of eyes followed foggy, “Little uncle, people regard you look into my father!”


  ”That is his blind!”
  Bai Qi Chen little swearing, more rarely in the stab in the back, so he said this time, Nguyen rain surprised eyes wide open, open eyes wandering round, “people say is the truth ah!”
  She said, did not dare to look at what his face white from Chen, started to run, go directly to the first floor of the dispensary to go.
  Bai Qi Chen leaving behind only a person standing still, raising his hand he touched his chin, Tiandeliangxin, he went out in the morning when it was scraped off the beard, he does not understand that this would only look into the eyes of his father’s generation of??
  This contemplative white from Chen did forget, he did not see before, when rain Nguyen, do not put her child as a child to look at it??
  Amid this gave birth to the thin, her face is this baby fat, when he laughs, the people with the same face Wowo, good-looking and well-behaved.
  Nguyen rain do not know, but two joke, white from Chen actually really go, but also fell into a deep s南宁桑拿elf-doubt among the local dispensary, Tian six children lined up in a long, Nguyen after rain over the child to prescription him, and he later took the drug directly to the window, looked at the rain Nguyen above flamboyant asked to write.
  Her difficult to recognize it again, six sub-thin Wada told several times, the ease of these things pay out the medicine, he turned against the white from Chen said, “Little uncle, you go back in the future, we had better care of their bodies under, was blowing cold air, and to drink medicine on time, too bitter words, let the six sub-brother to you get some more preserves over, sweet mouth!”
  Bai Qi Chen looked down, looked at the little girl in front of chatter, gentle eyes overflow water can not wait, “I know!”Then he changed the subject,” I called yesterday also saw your grandmother sta佛山桑拿tion entrance to the village looking out, reckon want you, you do not want to go back and look at her??”
  Because the last thing out of the house, so they returned to the town after Ruanguo Hua Fang Xiulan and the couple are busy in full swing, Nguyen rain she examination, but several days did not go back.
  Bai Qi Chen is to say, she really intended to move some, “But, I would also like to class tomorrow morning!”This time the weather is not good, Zhibuding wake up to snow closing, she can not go inside from the village rushed to the county school.
  Bai Qi Chen got into blind eyes, like the wolf as the abduction of the Little Red Riding Hood, “You go back in the evening one night, and my grandmother going on nibbling, the morrow morning I will let you send up six children!”She paused,” you just go back, can I take medicine supervision!”
  This time, Nguyen rain to find a good number of reasons, she will not look to the grandmother, she felt simply great lack of filial piety.
  Her eyes Gululu in a circle, “to, we will go through a house door, and my parents say!”Otherwise, she did not come home at night, do not scared to death of her parents.
  You know, they have access in the home but.
  Rao Nguyen rain is favored at home, if too late to go back at night, is to be criticized, it is a matter of principle, it seems in Ruan Guohua, his daughter how pets have become, but the girl must go home on time, just because of the bad guys out too much.Finally, still fail to beat Nguyen Bai Qi Chen rain, is strongly pulled to the hospital, the doctor looked, but added a burst of chatter, “You of how when a girl when??Body bone elders are poor in such a way, but also let him out cold wind, not life??”
  Nguyen · girl · rain forced a look ignorant, she Shashi uncle of the little girl became???
  She does not know how??
  ”Doctor, I’m not.”
  ”It is no??Patients cold wind did not let the patient??”
  Nguyen rain is instantly hate none, the people are listless first Pakistani Brain, “is the reason for my little uncle will come out of the cold blow!”This time, turn to doctors embarrassing, he touched his nose, written prescriptions child, and gave it to white from Chen, explore the neck gossip,” This is not your girl ah??”

閭g┛瑗曡~鐨勪腑骞寸敺瀛愭槸闄勮繎鍖婚澶уか, 鍚椈鍑轰簨娑堟伅鍚庤刀鏉ュ府蹇欍€?


姝ゆ椂瑙佽藩鍦扮殑鐢峰瓙涓嶈偗鏀炬墜锛屼粬涓嶇敱鎮叉偗鍦板徆鍙f皵閬擄細鈥滀笉鏄垜涓嶆兂鏁戜綘鍎垮瓙, 浠栨皵鎭叏鏃狅紝蹇冮兘涓嶈烦浜? 宸茬粡鏁戜笉鍥炴潵浜嗐€備綘鏀炬墜鍚э紒杩樻湁涓嶅皯浼よ€呯瓑鐫€鏁戞不鍛紒鈥?

鑾檽鎸よ繘浜虹兢, 杩囧幓鎽镐簡鎽哥敺瀛╃殑棰堜晶锛屾灉鐒跺績璺冲凡缁忓仠浜嗐€傚ス涓嶇敱鐨辩湁锛岃嫢鏄粠鏍戜笂钀芥按锛岀獟鎭椂闂村お涔? 鎬曠湡鏄晳涓嶅洖鏉ヤ簡銆?

Huan Bang ┖ Shi with Tong still water village where Buddhists Yi disease additional information Mei read the brand-stimulated key Xu Ying Xia crafty Xiangsuo play Ren key Chu Duo wrought by Die Lu Stone Tower Renti charge Johnson Hay Chichi Juan grating  Right- Shijuan mustard Xibenwumei Tuan  Xuandiecufei Cheji

Lian visiting Hong Qian consultations cross moisten Yuan Han-ho Juan  San Ma Yun drive Ying ╋ Ren Qian insect weary Shi awarded Wan adze Yen Phan Shi ang Qu Tao  Xia adze An collection tank version  ROBOT Newspaper drive Ying ╁ Mao Lang flutter Ya Feihunchangtuan  Xi Ling chain Н Pincunshouqiao indigo  Cha $ Yi Benwucuncha  Hong  silicon thin holmium Churoucenzhuan Lulianluanjian Pincunqingben Jiong ?

How Yuan Han Gejieningjuan Fengpian Duichandaxi holmium Xu Qi南宁夜网n Yu holds ︹︹?

Luang  Rujuanquzhu Congduoshumo?

Juan arrowhead Quan Jinguu bee Han Gao ュ umbrella flange d2 Simple Right-wa fine holmium Chu Qutuan  Mensou ヨ Jian lover inch Jing TOWER Preparation Gong Bi Feng San Sik Election Duo Hay  barrier Does Not Locate Hay Chou Brief adze Shen barrier Roubanqufei Juanlu Lianluofanzi Ding ︹︹?

  Emperor still sitting black face, without a word, if eyes could kill, it is estimated Hector Yunjiang have been killed.


  And also towards victory, he flew to hand over military power than it really is not something without permission from the camp.
  Jihad have played anyway, snow wolf country has ceased to exist, there are only subsidiary Dawan.
  So much credit in his opening if the Duanmu how to green, those spittle can drown people’s royal doctor, I am afraid that he will be able to put the political affairs of the house red earth.
  Nothing got yourself such a big problem, how to see the emperor Hector Yunjiang, not pleasing to the eye.
  It really is outrageous evil creature, had put him out of Beijing, then people should not pull back.
  What do look at this thing?
  I thought he was old and confused, I do not see that in previous years he played the rest of it means?
  If Green can easily Duanmu punished, then why should he also repeatedly dragged his daughter to push him, let Duanmu green to choose.
  Emperor can no way to say, before the impeachment memorial to his hand, eight cabinet ministers have been again, these things are not cover to cover.
  ”Three princes too serious!Duanmu Rong Shou-border family for many yea北京夜网rs, with matter can not really decide side of the story.”
  ”Yes!Border powerhouse, be there, there is no.”
  ”Not always!But then things confrontation and snow wolf country, anxious to eat the war, but not as a leader in power, this is not a small thing.”
  ”Can not expose too easily!So after someone to emulate,.”
  All the officials to express their views, generals straightforward character, it is easy to put to articulate civilian angered, for a time Chodo noisy, bustling.

  ☆, chapter nine hundred and third power return

  Seeing noisy almost all the officials, the emperor is not good then dumb, do chamberlain waved indication.
  A shrill voice shouting, all willing not willing, the entire closed his mouth, stood obediently go back to their place.
  ”Guaren still believe Duanmu general, this mortgage too, no longer meeting!”
  ”emperor!Serious matter, in order to see the minister, or to see that Ryu Jin people to see how he speak!”
  Civil someone failing, finally there is overwhelming military attache of the event, how good easily let go.
  Self-righteous emperor really let go, as a pretense of courtesy, after all, the emperor wanted to control heavy right hand of the generals, have thought for a long time, very firm, said his idea.
  I do not know that the civil service, Duanmu Green has long been the military power silently back to the emperor, power return, the emperor is not good hype, we had to find a suitable excuse to take it, but it certainly can not be the excuse now.
  ”The minister, I urge the emperor inventory!”
  Almost a civilian knelt down, and not only stay there kneeling Xu chancery, Duanmu Green’s uncle, in public and in private, he can not kneel.

  Like his father, brother repel him, he too gave birth to his rejection of this country.


  Just when more than pretty sad secretly for months, a team of mysterious shadows, who mysteriously deep into the territory of the country of snow wolf.
  The leading ones tall stature, dashing, black cloth blindfolded face with only one pair of sharp eyes on the outside, such as the general wolf flexible.
  ”master!Their arsenal in the east.”Duanmu close to Wu Qing, softly Road.
  ”According to the original plan of action.”
  Duanmu Green made a gesture, that pedestrians would immediately spread quickly melt into the night.
  Snow Wolf soldier was on patrol just yawned at the moment, it is drifting away from their shadows under the eyes, today is the day the Imperial Army retroactive financing, no value when people are meat and drink to go, stay under patrols are under the soldier.
  Border has more than four months is not fighting a war, and they have a lot of slack, sent Imperial army-owned, but a lot of them paralyzed.
  So which team Duanmu Green twelve, eighty thousand in Camp snow wolf country’s army as the no man’s land, soon to arsenal.
  Compared to just go through the camp, guard arsenal and forage library on the guarded lot, patrol sergeant is also a lot of alertness, Wu was close to disturb the one.
  ”Who’s there?”
  Carrying a sword soldiers asked vigilant, sharp flank glittered in the moonlight, it is penetrated.
  A red wool cat, screaming at the man snapped pounced tent roof, flexible only saw a shadow flash.
  ”Naxi, you do not Yijingyizha scary.Nothing will make you something to scare up.”Fellow soldier a false alarm, unhappy to leave.
  Naxi did not say anything, alert and see a bit of the local night cat channeling up, empty no one in the heart of a large stone was finally put down.
  We did not find anything better than someone struck a good camp.
  Hachioji Highness this evening so he deliberately took his team to a bodyguard to patrol, specifically account not drink alcohol, afraid of an accident.
  Imperial to these guys, domineering, with a claim to the winning kill device, not only left a team of people guarding the weapons did not say, but also allowed them to people close to Hachioji.
  Hachioji no comment, but also great anger Di Xiaren again to master, can only yield.
  Naxi do not know is that j广州桑拿ust after their appeal was brought last night cat, a lithe guard has been floated into their arsenal, but Zhancha of effort, that shadow on plans to wear a tent, from back out.
  Her hand holding a two cylindrical objects, to the collusion of men, he had reflexively back soon to carry a box out to the hidden place, a person who just twelve points out, there are carrying the box has to go back.
  Once past the patrol, he calmly out from the break, all done quietly, did not disturb anyone.
  Daytime Jingan slow to catch, and finally crossed the river in the very early morning, he returned to the territory of Dawan.
  ”The General is back!”
  And so on in the barracks heard the clip-clop of the south Azusa suddenly rang, fast wake up from dozing state, the clothes are draped one will forget out.
  ”A good thing to see Mr.!”
  Duanmu苏州夜网 green linen Menglian said something to throw aside excited Wu member, put himself overjoyed that cartouche lifted in camps and.
  ”This is a general?”



  Yuehua Jian, a few people that came over, Jin Yu do not like the horse stand in defiance of appearance, but away from home or in ceremony for the King, when they greeted her, and Jin Yu is also a smile back to the ceremony.
  ”Tired?About time not in a hurry, we take a break before you go.”
  Sub-Ling Yu Yan Jin walking toward the heels, intimate open paper fan to fan Yu Jin, Jin Yu almost ran scared.
  This sudden change style at first glance, it is scary tight, unnatural leaning toward the side Erni.
  ”no, I’m fine.Anyway, there are horse-drawn carriage, sitting not tired, when pure rest.”
  ”Jin girl out shopping, how to buy things you did not see?”Ma Li asked in Mohuazhaohua.
  ”When I saw the house only to find it has!”
  Jin Yu has always been an excuse to go out, this horse will stand in the tender the tender spot, she would casually say.
  ”Ling brother, the girl is?”
  Woman disguised as a man looked for a moment, eyes that looked at Jin Yu are with a look, see Jin Yu’s face, looking black and black, and so to see Jin Yu who shabby cotton clothes, suddenly, there has been excellent sense.
  A house shabby woman, how such a worthy son of Yan Ling child, family background lintel, and only she was worthy of Miss guanjia.
  Thought of this, Ma Xiuyu a lot of self-confidence, to ask the question if a little soft involuntary.
  ”Jin Yu, who is Ma Gongzai sister, Miss Ma.”
  ”Oh!Miss Ma good.”
  Jin Yu nodded regarded as a greeting, others for their likes and dislikes, this is Jin Yu can still see it, there is no need to go and have their own inexplicable hostility of people cotton.
  ”Jin is also a girl to go with it Tainan?That Tainan, but a good place, you have not been, when I take you to getting to know people, to buy a few good body good clothes, but the entire community Qingcheng where the best cloth.”
  Ma Xiuyu just keep talking, discourse is not ugly out of contempt for Jin Yu.
  ”At that time we are the natural way to fight in the end.”
  Ma Li smiled and echoed years, is no longer feel there is anything wrong, apparently accustomed to this way of speaking Ma Xiuyu.
  This is a joke she did not have good clothes do?
  Speaking of clothes, Jin Yu wanted to laugh, either do not want to swagger, not bragging, this Ma Xiuyu entire wardrobe of dress, are not worth an estimated Mrs. Chang send her a valuable jacket skirt.
  Unfortunately, Jin Yu today brought a really, thinking about the need arises to wear, usually just work wear cotton clothes like this, I did not expect this wor杭州桑拿ld who are based Man’s clothes.
  ”Estimate irrelevant, I have a lot of clothes.”Jin Yu quietly Road.
  ”Tainan clothes but learn to do Kyoto month Kam Pavilion, fashionable, fabric is also on the grade.This cotton clothes but inferior poor wear clothes.”
  ”Kam Pavilion month I have not been there Daohai!But this cotton clothes when the poor become inferior to wear, I was quite curious.”
  Jin Yu eyes smile has received a faint smile and asked Ma Xiuyu, those who hate his life man hierarchical, very clear looking at a girl, how to speak on the face of such harsh.
  ”I’m busy, no empty mortar.But still I want to thank Miss Ma kindness.”
  Jin Yu extremely perfunctory said, and do not want to speak these superiority bursting brother and sister, Ling Jin Yu child hear the words, then there has been a bit of displeasure.

  Or else when the time came up with a cut right to a vassal or something, to give them a rebel name of the first set, and that their much thought may outweigh.


  ”I remember when Liu is also the blind!Do not lay Jin Xiang Yu, last year Liujie Chang provoke a fatal disaster, have died, and the family leaving a widow Lee, a miserable old.If I had been married to this, perhaps the situation is not the same.Look Muzi since married Jin Yu, a good as it gets!”
  ”They Muzi is a good man, the young man at ease, not that unnatural, natural good.”
  Jin Yu stunned for a moment, the memory of that face Yin Zhi, a whole world owes him money face flashed, the man Jin Yu had never fancy eyes, is involved in rebel deserved, nothing sympathy.
  ”It seems that everyone in the village, ideas parked it in the past!”Duanmu cool green road.
  His woman, and what that stuff Liujie Chang pull together, listened to him very it was great!
  Even those who have complimented him, Duanmu Green’s face is still very smelly.
  ”They have not informed you, ideas and pure, you do not think so much.”Jin Yu smile.
  ”Ugh!Who I am is a lady, then lis上海419论坛ten to it!”Duanmu green low voice.
  ”Puchi!”Jin Yu can not help laughing, laughing and asked,” You say, how could I be so smart, then I do not hesitate to put you back it?”
  ”That was joking smart enough to know that at the right time you can wait until, by chance they let me down in front of you..”
  Duanmu Green sincere Road, Jin Yu clasped hands, people around a crashing.
  ”Correct!Met the right time for you, you could not bear to throw.”
  The couple laugh, everything is not true.
  She has done the most to say the right thing, then probably went to retrieve the Duanmu green, then a newcomer to everything no clue, thanks to the green in there Duanmu, Jin Yu have today.
  Wu, who are martial arts person, is bent on watching a few masters, the couple small amount of words that sound down, or unguarded he heard a ear, this 广州桑拿网is life like feel good ah.
  The original thinking so this sub-sub masters guarding the line, every day is forced helpless plug dog food, frozen teenager Wu sinking their heart, but also with the restlessness of recovery.
  However, walking in front of the couple’s master, just remember sticky gooey Lovers, I did not notice two people invisible show affection, to show someone else.
  ”hiss.”I walked south Zi Meng inspiration.
  Wu watched him pull up, always deadpan, even if this time my heart kept rolling in the mood.
  ”Sir south, you uncomfortable?”
  Wu clutching the reins of three horses, along with folks too loud for fear frightened horse, call him master afraid not hear, he can be described as one with few, south of Azusa moment to hear the intake of breath, face no Q expression.
  ”I was the master of acid back teeth!”South of Azusa spoke, slender eyes still stared at the couple did not give up looking, the eyes are the envy of jealous ah”, under little crowd showing off, okay ah!”
  South of Azusa saying that, Wu did not listen even further clear that this is what you intended, see Duanmu Green seemed to inadvertently glanced back.
  Wu Mingfu to wisdom, realized that the south Azusa great nuisance, and said the master does not want to hear, flew conditioned reflex from farther south Azusa.
  Azusa is about south offended soul mate, and now offend the master, what hope is to marry a wife, and he’s also thinking about to marry a wife it!
  Thrush soul mate around, clever and intelligent, laugh drink sweet as honey, Wu Ming pondering for a long time, I feel like daughter marry a very good.
  Wu touched not say anything with the intention for their future happiness, unaware that he had just south of Azusa acid, then heard by their own masters, are very brilliant smile, his vision of the good life.

  But love has not carried away by Tu Xin mind, Tu Yan also realized she was giving her restaurant ready meals monopoly of 苏州夜网the winter.


  Speaking winter to eat, Tu Xin first to think of it is certainly hot, but she can not give a table and a stove to prepare it?Unrealistic, not to mention the human side of their own home will do pot, but the pot here is not called, but called “antique soup.”.Although Tu Xin think this pot thing, is to a group of people huddled together, eat only the taste, but considering the cost to play under, Tu Yan gave up this plan.
  Tu Xinte pot will not wonder why that name, his aging mother asked Tu, Tu aging mother do not know, but she Waichan impatience, casually he said: “Because of the addition of boiling water will Gudonggudong ring.”
  Tu Yan although clearly this “antique” nor that “plump”, but think about it, think Tu explain his aging mother really no problem.
  Although not going to do business in the pot, but this afternoon through’d want to seduce Tu Yan Chan Chong came out, so the proposal at night to eat hot pot, get a warm response from the family of.
  Just half an afternoon to fewer people, Tu Xinsuo is directly shut the door, followed by Wang Ziyang go out and buy a variety of spices and vegetables needed to eat hot pot together.
  Excellent luck today, Tu Dagang received a dead cow, Tu Xin has happened to this beef has always been tight, Tu Dagang sell only a little, I have been put back to Tu Xin.

Chapter 68 New Year friends
  In the evening the family gathered around the stove, the pot “grunt” thinking about boiling water, Tu Xin Wang Litou constantly add spices, vegetables with the meat of this thing, who want to eat who put Wang Litou, laugh, bustling.
  Not hot, Xin Tu verses and then is Spicy, and this is the love of Tu Xin.
  More, Tu Yan bought Spicy hot pot compared it easy to prepare a few small pots, winter vegetables, there is no cheap, buy expensive Tu Yan sell naturally more expensive.
  Not to mention eat their meals at home are already accustomed to their expensive price of the home, of course, Tu Yan also understand a thing, no matter how kind they sell your home, the most important thing is cheap.
  Although a meal money nobody can not afford to dig, but can not make people think a meal is a luxury, or else they would not have the home advantage.
  Originally sell their home just outside selling rice rice is not the same, the business has been able to so well, first, because eating carcasses welcomes the intention is really to do, and taste good, and second novel, which thanks to the last generation Xin Tu the third is to Tu Xin grasp a degree, although not cheap, but the bear range in the end the people of.
  Tu Mala Tang Yan opened the business in the end, became an instant Tu Yan house is now the hottest eating, Tu Xin now sell more things, the place looks a little crowded, plus eat Spicy, must be chattering away only tasty.
  Bustling little restaurant, with ice and snow outside the window is a completely different scenario.
  Seeing to the New Year, a generous Tu Yan back to the family to buy new clothes, all the good muslin, very comfortable to wear.
  Seeing the New Year approached, Tu Yan’s restaurant business is a depression every day, each began preparation stocking or something, the family kept a variety of eating naturally not want to go out to spend money to buy food.
  But Tu Dagang pork shop is good business, in fact, this time of year are like this, do New Year, New Year’s foods, pork is the New Year’s foods must have ah!
  Usually Tu Dagang day to sell a pig, but the twelfth lunar month, a day, he was only able to sell ten backing, after all, some people buy when one hundred pounds.
  Chinese New Year is the nature of things down, there are many wedding will be set at this time, every time on this, the Tu Dagang sell even more.
  Tu Yan twenty-eight day shut the door, today’s bumper, she can no longer do business.
  Thirty door paintings.Stickers door painted this thing here is to rule men do, but Tu Yan family had no male, so in previous years are posted Tu Dagang door paintings, Tu Yan gave him along the way, in this year Wang Ziyang, naturally do not need to slaughter Yan, so Wang Ziyang two of them stick with Tu Dagang door painting, Liu Tu Tu Yan told his aging mother with dumplings.

  Could it be that appearing in the video screen against nature, will not play it?


  Seeing北京风月网 the hand of money fly away, head of platform odd cat is also very upset, but he can not do anything ah, for which he also specifically called “cohabitation era” director Zhang resigned autumn, with Zhang resigned autumn Description specific circumstances.
  Zhang resigned autumn naturally understand that, in fact, think about it, it really is their ill-considered.
  There are many ways to take snapshots of, not necessarily in the form of live by.
  Zhang resigned before the Autumn want after doing a model, but the micro-Bo: peace, Wunian!
  [Like peace, and so you come back!]
  [Depend only be assured in the eyes ah.]
  [Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah problem is not here, we want to look at you, ah, less clock-making and Su Su Cheng, my life lost color, do not laugh out loud.[] I told you not the same, I just want to see a small cook in the kitc北京夜网hen to show their talents, each time to see the small live cook, and I have a good appetite.[] You’re not a man upstairs.]
  [Zhang, beg you made a little video of it every day.[] Really, please send a small video, or I do not believe you still safe.[] Or need to burn incense point wax?]
  [Please do not shake clever, thank you.]
  [Ourselves secretly recorded video, I beg you, the director, to satisfy our desire to meet it, not really the case, how can we love after you leave us when we.].
  No matter how netizens Sapo shamelessly, what is a foregone conclusion.Live is impossible to live, and those absurd and incredible picture archive is now only in the mind.
  Be stealthy style address the root causes of the “panic” The problem, once again timely and effective manner to prevent the fermentation of public opinion, with the passage of time, everything will be slowly restored to their original.
  In addition, the top began to send people to find the whereabouts of the program group.
  The use of scenery left traces on the first day with the camera into the group to take out of the window for comparison, in the countryside during the day to start looking.
  The road is that way, how can also sight at the end.
  Continue down the open, they see the fog everywhere, blocking the line of sight of the front row, and then opened the high beam continue to open down, pocket full day, when approaching dusk, and again back to the place open.
  Ghost hit the wall, how can not get through.

  Now in the hands of one’s own people, in private with the point method, the other side to reveal the truth, much faster than the alarm processing.


  Just –
  ”This thing is not to inform Qin brother?”Although Jiang Mian did not crash, but the other is with evil intent kidnapped, I do not know its purpose.This case, the idea Shays yuan want to notify Qinjing Run is pretty normal.
  He was a little puzzled: It stands to reason if you want to kidnap, when hands should choose the middle of nowhere, this man blatantly went to the crew to tie people, it does not seem logical.
  Jiang Mian waved: “No, I deal with, do not let my father worried.”
  Jiang Mian normal afternoon filming, the people to thank Secretary yuan and Tang Anan – she is not worried about Silver Fox will escape, she quietly unloaded his four joints.
  Shays yuan and Tang Anan are a layman, I do not see.
  Fast forward to the drama Guan Hin and two, these two play is off and Jiang Xin sleep last two opponents play.
  Zhang to play the two talk, ginger sleep smile Listen, ah time to time or two, and then put forward their views.
  ”Guan Xin, you hear me?!”Zhang Yan杭州桑拿 looked off toward the third time, with a look of anger.
  What disputes between private actors, he would not care, as long as the dispute is not brought to play.
  He is now in for the two actors speak the next play, starring as ginger listen carefully to sleep, did not show any impatience meaning.
  Guan Xin as a supporting role, but the scene when he speaks, obviously distracted, he gave her three chances, do not want to turn off non-Yan Dan did not converge, but intensified.
  The director did not put him in the eye.
  Guan Xin Meng recovered: “I’m sorry director, I did not mean.”
  Not intentional?
  After not mean he had given several opportunities, continues to prevail?
  ”As a rookie, I had not yet learned to walk just wanted to run, run away even think about life.”Zhang coldly,” do not want to shoot, then now you can leave th上海夜网e studio.”
  Zhang’s voice is not small, at least the staff around to hear all his words in the ears, the eyes have to fall off Yan, my heart will inevitably think: they make a demon.
  Guan Xin and his face white and red, red and white, felt himself fall on those malicious eyes, look across the smile Yin Yin Jiang Mian, the glare of powerful strikes.
  Her mind is full before she hit the man and raised her, she wanted to Jing Xiaxin, the mind can not help but think of the shaken off.
  How long it will be nice people, but also good-looking than the universal god Qinjing Run.